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The land is located at State Highway 50, Hastings. These are freehold  blocks of land referred to as Ngatarawa 1A3A, Ngatarawa 1A3B, Ngatarawa 1A3C and Ngatarawa 2A3B1B2. Each block was established as an Ahu Whenua Trust by Orders of the Maori Land Court dated 26 October 2000 and 6 April 1989 respectively pursuant to section 438 of the Maori Affairs Act 1953.   Collectively the Trusts are referred to as the Ngatarawa Lands Trust or Ngatarawa Ahu Whenua Trust. These blocks are administered by the Ngatarawa Lands Trust Trustees on behalf of the land owners.

The Trust has never been in a position to develop the land, ie. take over the care and protection of the land. Trustees have seen fit to lease the land out to potential leasees who protect the land on our behalf as part of the lease. 

At present the permitted use is for farming sheep and cattle but not bulls over 12 months old, together with the harvesting of supplementary feed provided it is fed back on the property and adequate fertility of the property is maintained. The farming of breeding bulls may be permitted with the Lessors prior consent which consent may be withheld at the Lessors sole discretion. 

The Trust does not have a Council Water Consent which has made the development of our land difficult. The leasee has water consents and has worked on developing the land to further support future opportunities for the trust. A good partnership must exist to ensure we as landowners can progress future aspirations.    

Land Development

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