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At our 2018 AGM held on 8 December at the Heretaunga Taiwhenua, the new trustees made a commitment to finding all owners and putting together an information pack for whānau see a step by step process to prepare to receive unclaimed monies. What we have discovered is that when whānau do go through this process of succession, the Māori Land Court do not notify the trust. Therefore, whānau have a responsibility to contact us to update details as well. Alternatively the Māori Land Court information they have is not always the most updated. Watch this space! We have had discussions with Inland Revenue and the Māori Land Court to find out how we can improve the system. 

There are a number of land owners listed with Ngatarawa and Ohiti Ahu Whenua Trusts. This list is ever changing as whanau unite into whanau trusts or break into individual owners. The owners list is always being updated. You can access your information by clicking on the link below. 

Unclaimed Monies

Click the button below to view a list of unregistered owners. Unregistered owners are land owners who we do not have contact information or a valid bank account and IRD number for the listed land owner. 

Verify your whakapapa

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