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Welcome to the Ngatarawa Ahu Whenua Trusts website. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our communications with the owners and beneficiaries of this beautiful land in which we are entrusted to govern the affairs with integrity. This website was recommended at the 2014 Annual General Meeting to help us achieve our communication goals and more recently at the 2018 Annual General Meeting it was requested that we gather information and historical information about this beautiful whenua and post it up on this website to help us all learn more about our history.


Ngatarawa A13A, Ngatarawa 1A3B, Ngatarawa 1A3C, Ngatarawa 2A3B1B2, Ngatarawa are Māori freehold land blocks that are administered by the Ngatarawa Ahu Whenua Trust. The Ngatarawa blocks are located along State Highway 50 in the Hastings region.  The lands have a combined area of approximately 300 ha.  

The Ngatarawa Lands Trust have elected trustees who govern the land blocks on behalf of the owners. There are roughly 190 registered land owners listed with Ngatarawa Ahu Whenua Trust. There are a total of 4 blocks and there are different owners on different blocks, some in one, some in more than one and some in all.  The individual lists are everchanging when beneficiaries pass on and whānau succeed to the land or visa versa when whanau break up trusts and go in as individuals. Circumstances vary and it is difficult in receiving this updated information in a timely manner from the Māori Land Court. Sometimes we don’t receive this updated information for months or even years. We are working on ways to improve this communication between the Maori Land Court and the Trustees to be able to keep our records updated. We have also committed to finding contact information for beneficiaries whose details remain unknown. These are mainly families who are disconnected from the whānau and perhaps have moved away from New Zealand. Nonetheless, these whānau members have unclaimed monies waiting for them to claim.

To claim monies, there are a number of things that owners need to do. 1. They need to contact us and provide us with the documentation issued by the Maori Land Court with the changes. 2. We need your full name and birthday, full contact details, your bank account on a verified document or deposit slip from the bank, and your Inland Revenue Department Number. These things are relatively attainable and we are looking at putting an information paper together to assist whānau with this information.   

The trust also administers tertiary grants to recognise the pursuit of academic excellence, knowledge and qualifications of our landowners and their descendants. The landowners contribute to the criteria of this scholarship at the Annual General Meeting. The current criteria can be viewed on this website.  


We are looking to update this website with the wealth of information that sits in people’s homes, in their minds, on their walls in pictures and in glory boxes. We believe that everyone has a story that can contribute to a landscape of information sharing that is part of the history of the land and the trust. Watch this space!.

In June 2020, long serving Chair, Padudi Tawehi (Boy) Kemp died. Boy was a trustee for over 20 years, and resigned on the 8th December 2018 at the age of 70 years to spend more time with his wife and their ever growing whānau.  Boy was very passionate about the Ngatarawa / Ohiti Ahu Whenua and during his tenure he made sound decisions which has helped the trust to stay afloat and strengthen the investment stability and increase the dividend to the beneficiaries. The other trustees who Boy has worked alongside are Olivia Thompson, Kathleen Kireka, Timoti Karaitiana and the late Sandra Matenga, Christine Teariki & Maurice Kemp.

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Current Trustees

7 March 2019